Long-Term Athlete development

Catonsville Boys Rec Basketball is kid-focused and relies heavily on the  recommendations and best practices for Athlete Development from USA  Basketball.  USA Basketball's Player Development Model helps focus  programs on the children's health  and wellness with consistent game play standards. To help foster player  health, age- and stage-appropriate skill development, and a positive  and enjoyable on-court experience for young people, USA Basketball and  the NBA have developed a set of rules and standards  to enhance the playing experience for young athletes. We will be implementing many of these little changes in some of our divisions this year such as:

  • Rim heights per age standards (within restrictions of adjustable rim options in Catonsville gyms).
  • Strongly  encouraging more coaches training through player registration  discounts.  Research has shown that the single most important factor in  kids having positive experiences  in sports and returning to play the next year is whether they played  for a trained coach.  Catonsville Boys Rec Basketball will offer both  on-line and in-person training to support and train as many coaches  possible.
  • Clinic  and Elementary divisions implementing drills for Physical Literacy  and overall Athlete Development.  To learn more about the concept of  Athlete Development Model  from the USOC, visit:  https://www.teamusa.org/About-the-USOC/Athlete-Development/Coaching-Education/American-Development-Model
  • As  part of the Athlete Development Model, Catonsville Boys Rec Basketball  will strive to keep team sizes reasonably small to ensure maximum  playing time for kids.  We will also encourage  more small-sided competition in our younger divisions to maximize touches and skill development.  

We  look forward to watching your children learn all about this great sport  and develop their basketball skills, while making new friends and  having fun.